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Bad Habit Alternatives on the Road to Recovery

May 15, 2017



“And now I'm right back where I started. Sober and miserable.”

― Alyson Noel


           This is the most common thought that occurs in the mind of someone who is struggling to get through the very beginning of recovery. Very often, people at this stage get stuck within their vicious circle of addiction-related activities and acquaintances. As a result, they are unable to find a way to break away and start afresh.

So, what can actually turn a new page in life?


Get Some Fresh Air


           It’s a well-known truth that spending time outside, close to nature, helps to clear your mind, bring your thoughts in order and figure out healthy conclusions.

           Therefore, if you feel like your head is a mess, as well as your life, I suggest fresh air therapy. It can be a simple stroll in the park or around the city, a set of cardio exercises followed by a slow-pace jog, or even a picnic with the family or friends.




           When you are not certain what to do with your life—with the time you used to spend devoted to your addiction-related habits—maybe it’s time to resume a  forgotten hobby or passion?

           Remind yourself what you used to love doing or did very well. It can be anything ranging from arts and crafts to fitness or archery. If you are not sure you still like the same thing, try something new with exposing yourself to exciting and interesting novelties, such as joining activity-related clubs, travel to new countries, and other engaging pastimes.




           By the time you have stepped on the path to recovery and new life, you are already aware of the fact that there are many people with similar issues and struggles out there. Engaging yourself in helping them can bring change, help and relief to your own life. Moreover, it will give you  feelings of importance and determination to make the world around you a better and more accepting place.



           Relapse triggers are the hardest milestones to deal with when it comes to building a new, sober future for yourself. Therefore, what really matters is not letting yourself get pulled back into the cycle of addiction.  There is no surefire way to prevent relapse from happening. But with a little persistence and determination you’ll find that a desire to change will allow grant you a brighter and sober destiny.


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