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App help from pre-addiction to post-addiction

February 25, 2017

Addictions are not easy to overcome. Millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, without getting the help and support they need. Wouldn’t it be great to have a special reminder of just how long you have been sober? Or access information that will help you through your recovery period? 

The Sober Grid app does an amazing job of bringing people together, from all over the world. When you are going through a difficult time, you need all the support and positive feedback you can get. Sober Grid has several functions, so it is able to provide assistance to everyone on the platform.

Helping providers 

For providers, the app allows for communication between facilities and participants, even after treatment. It allows providers to collect and store important data about post-addiction treatments, improved outcomes and attendance. Providers can list upcoming meetings and offer group support via the app. With the touch of the screen, administrators can add or remove alumni groups, start new groups or send each group important notifications and new materials.

For the people

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the Sober Grid app offers a viable means of communicating your success, across the globe. During the recovery period, you want to stay motivated, upbeat, and reassured that you are doing great in your recovery, and that others with the same goals are cheering for you.

The app connects you instantly with a sober community around the corner, in your neighborhood or in another country. You can build a strong support group and invite and inspire others to join. Sober Grid makes the perfect traveling companion, allowing you to connect to other Sober Grid communities while you are waiting at the airport, or in the middle of relocating to another state.


The app does all the work, once you do your part. Geosocial networking uses a powerful interface that allows you to stay anonymous. It is the safest place to share your thoughts and reach out to others.

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