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Merry Christmas from Beau Mann

December 25, 2016


To me Christmas is about family, acts of kindness, gratitude, love, friendship, and the magical jolly Santa Clause. Luckily, I have the fortune of experiencing these on most days with the exception of Mr. Clause. 


I woke up this morning and shared the morning giving gifts to the 13 friends who I am sharing this day with. There was a huge three foot stocking for me with a cozy blanket and chocolates inside. Santa was smart enough to give me 10 small bite size pieces so that I would have just enough to enjoy on this day and not have left overs for the following non-carb days. 


We had our chef, Carlos, making a wonderful Christmas dinner with ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, velvety cheese pasta, and rolls. The best part of it was being able to practice the teaching of sobriety. As soon as we sat down I asked my friends if they would join me in taking turns playing the gratitude game. I explained we all would take turns telling one another what we were grateful for today. 


I was able to smile with love and gratitude as I said I am grateful for:


Brandi (my little sister)

Benjamin (my big brother)

Mom + Dad

Sobriety - one day at a time

my company being one that helps people

being able to help others in need

growing up 

Chris Pesce (my colleague and one of my best friends)

My nephew Levi - who makes me want to be a better person every day


I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude list. Writing it down or using it in my daily prayer is an anti-depressant for many, including me, and helps me bring the joy of gratitude to my life. 


May all of you have a wonderful day filled with blessings and gratitude lists. 


Best wishes, 


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