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"Fall down seven times. Stand up eight"


Hear It From Me


I was raised in Massachusetts and in my teens moved to NYC. I have spent the last ten years helping people build businesses and building my own. Four years ago I pursued my passion to pursue building a social network for those in pursuit of a sober lifestyle. Similarly created this blog to share my journey as both an entrepreneur and as a person pursuing a sober life. I recently joined the board of InvestAcure a NYC based micro finance company founded to help findn a cure for Alzheimer's.


September 26, 2017

When attempting recovery, an addict faces many challenges, some of which are more difficult than others. Anxiety, loneliness, feelings of worthlessness, loss of using friends, having no idea what to do in times when you used to drink, all may hit at once. This is espec...

September 19, 2017

Overcoming addiction has never been easy for anyone. Just thinking about it isn’t enough to succeed and prevent yourself from relapsing. Recovery is like a staircase – in order to get to the top you have to start from the very bottom. One of things that addicts find th...

September 12, 2017

What do you need to know about sharing your sobriety story? As you are already aware of, addiction is one of the most dangerous diseases to live with and, at times, not an easy one to battle. It requires multiple coping skills and takes a great deal of effort and self-...

September 5, 2017

The misuse of prescription drugs can quickly escalate into addiction.

Misuse means taking a medication in any other way than that which your doctor has prescribed. This includes taking someone else’s medication - either for a legit reason such as pain management or taki...

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